The foundation of our work is the Triangle Performance Model (TPM). It's a practical, easily applied framework that provides managers—and the people who work for them—a clear understanding of what it takes to create a high-performance workplace.

Our aim in using the TPM is to demystify the complexities of the performance process. In all businesses, there are common elements. Whether the organization is a restaurant or corporate headquarters, people function in leader and performer roles, work on a series of tasks and focus on achieving specific goals.

The aim of the Triangle is to focus attention on the management and operational processes that need attention in order for a team or organization to excel. To this end, it reflects leadership and management best practices that have been written about, assessed, and refined over the years.

Although these practices may not be new to

experienced managers, our objective is to provide a

framework that will keep them at the forefront of

management's mind. Significantly, the TPM brings

attention to both the human and operational sides

of the performance process.

The power of the Triangle is in its application. It can

be used as a self-assessment instrument, an analytical

and planning tool or a process for collaboration. 


Praise for the Triangle:

"The Triangle is a technique to establish clarity around

goals, roles and tasks when one is trying to institute a

change, or starting a new role or project.  I plan to teach

the Triangle to my team so that we are all speaking the

same language.” 

—Scherri Roberts, Director, Human Resources, Hearst Corporation

"It took me many years of trial and unfortunately error to get where I am today.  I wish that I had the Triangle 30 years ago."

—Richard Christmas, Director of Operations, Spiral Binding Company, Inc


“I found that when discussing projects with my team on conference calls, the Triangle helps us remain focused on the key elements for implementing the project successfully.”

—Ramon Oropeza, Marketing Director, Latin America, BP-Americas Inc. 


Compared to other management tactics or techniques, the Triangle Performance Model is very simple and practical. As managers and leaders, we do not always have time to look through a complex matrix to prescribe the correct action for a situation. The Triangle allows leaders to diagnose a situation and come to a simple conclusion that is realistic and attainable.

—Robert D’Addario, Managing Director & Principal, Cleerline Technology Group

The Triangle Performance Model™ is a service mark of Michael Tull for consulting services in the fields of Performance Management and Organization Development.

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