MTA provides an integrated set of customized services designed to optimize the performance of individuals and teams throughout your organization. To this end, we provide the following services: Performance Consulting, Triangle Performance Training, Team Building, Executive Coaching, and Facilitation.


Our objective is to help leaders and team reach their performance goals. The work begins by clarifying management's expectations and objectives, and gathering information from stakeholders about current operational processes. Throughout the project, we endeavor to  create a collaborative problem-solving approach that will help management implement a sustainable performance improvement strategy. 




All workshops are highly participative, application-based sessions that can be delivered as a series of half, whole or multi-day workshops. Although the Triangle Performance Model provides the foundational element for all programs, sessions are customized to address client particular needs. 

Triangle Performance Training (TPT) programs include sessions for:

  • Leaders

  • Frontline staff

  • Internal consultants and HR partners


Specific programs are available for managers to:

  • Jump-start new project teams

  • Lead change initiatives


Our team-building services are designed to assist teams that are faltering or not achieving their potential. These situations occur because of a few critical factors.

  • Roles and performance expectations are unclear

  • Leaders and/or team members are unprepared for their roles

  • Feedback between leader and team members and among team members is inadequate

  • Processes for executing tasks are inefficient or riddled with obstacles

Our approach to team building is similar to the Performance Consulting process. We work with leaders and team members to understand their performance concerns and collaborate to create a strategy that will get them back on track.



Through our coaching process, we quickly develop open, trusting relationships with clients. By working with leaders presenting vastly different needs over the years, we've learned to view coaching engagements as falling into two, sometimes overlapping categories: strategic and developmental. 


Strategic Coaching supports leaders going through a transition period and taking on new challenges, such as:

  • Managing a larger or more diversified department

  • Turning around an unproductive group

  • Leading a team through a complex project


Developmental Coaching supports managers needing to improve performance in areas such as:

  • Building leadership skills and conveying confidence 

  • Establishing effective relationships with team and stakeholders

  • Demonstrating readiness for new opportunities and advancement

Regardless of the category, our objective is to help clients to improve self-awareness, step out of their comfort zone, and recognize their potential.


We work collaboratively with clients to design meetings that are engaging and structured to meet specific goals. These events can range from traditional facilitation for decision-making and problem-solving meetings to more exploratory sessions for exchanging ideas and information. Whether designed for small or larger groups, the focus is always on improving how people function in the workplace.