The Triangle Strategy introduces the Triangle Performance Model as an interactive approach for managing and leading. It provides managers and their teams with a powerful collaborative tool that focuses a team's attention on the most critical performance elements, fosters an open flow of ideas, and provides a framework for organizing these thoughts into effective action plans.


It picks up where strategic planning leaves off—the point at which organizations rely on the effectiveness of individuals and groups to implement its plans. Though many companies develop smart, comprehensive plans, they neglect to pay equal attention to the discipline and focus required for day-to-day execution. The TPM provides a framework to fill that gap.

The objective for writing this book was to create a guide for managers. However, the reality is that organizational success relies on the relationship and cooperation that exists between leaders and their teams. Consequently, this book works as an operational guide for both groups.


The book adds value by describing the behaviors and providing examples for optimizing each element of the Triangle.


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Copyright 2016

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