The Triangle Performance Model (TPM) illustrates a universal performance process. In all businesses, there are common elements. Whether the organization is a greenmarket, a restaurant or corporate headquarters, people function in leader and performer roles, work on a series of tasks and focus on achieving specific goals.


The aim of the Triangle is to help you to identify the management and operational processes that need attention if you want your organization to excel. To this end, it reflects leadership and management best practices that have been written about, assessed, and refined over the years.


Although these practices may not be new to experienced managers, the Triangle provides a framework that will keep them at the forefront of your mind. Significantly, the TPM brings attention to both the human and operational sides of the performance process.

The power of the Triangle is in its application. It's an effective self-assessment instrument, an analytical and planning tool or a process for stimulating collaboration. 


For a copy of the above illustration, including the definition of each element, download the pdf. 

The Triangle Performance Model™ is a service mark of Michael Tull for consulting services in the fields of Performance Management and Organization Development.

This image shows a team using the Triangle as an analytical tool to address a performance issue. It illustrates how the process naturally fosters collaboration.